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Delafield catering

Having a meeting? Let us do the hard work.

Blue Collar Coffee Co. catering is the perfect addition to any meeting or special event. With coffee by Ruby Coffee Roasters and food options like freshly baked pastries or a breakfast sandwich bar, you'll be able to stay focused on your work knowing the catering is covered. Fill out our inquiry form and we'll get back to you within 48 hours regarding catering options.

12 - 8 oz. portions with cups, cream, and sugar

Creamery Seasonal Blend     $20

Decaf     $20

Single Origin     $24

Dozen Assorted Pastries

Danish, chocolate twist, muffins     $40

10 Breakfast Sandwiches

Combination of bacon, sausage, and egg & cheese

+$8 for each additional sandwich   $80


Sunstone Black Iced Tea

6 - 16 oz. portions with cups, sugar and lemons    $20

20 Assorted Half Sandwiches

Choice of three (3) sandwiches and kettle chips

Sandwiches: Chipotle Club, Mediterranean Turkey,
Chicken Pesto or Caprese

10 Boxed Lunches

Choice of sandwich or salad, kettle chips,

cookie and bottled water  $160
Salad: Apple Spinach (add chicken optional)
Sandwiches: Chipotle Club, Mediterranean Turkey,
Chicken Pesto or Caprese

The Works

Assorted sandwiches, apple spinach salad,

kettle chips, cookies and bottled water   $180

Other Stuff...

 • On-site setup     $30  

 • Reusable warming equipment     $30/set 

 • Please provide 48-hour notice on all food orders

 • 15% charge for deliveries within a 10 mile radius

 • Out of area delivery charge     $30

Let's Get Started

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