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Cold Brew 101

When the thick of summer hits, the days are long, hot and humid, and you probably want to get a caffeine jolt with something cold instead of your usual steaming cup of coffee. Before you reach for that iced coffee, let Blue Collar Coffee Co. make your afternoon pick-me-up even cooler with our cold brew.

Cold brew coffee differs from iced coffee in that the grounds are steeped for a long period in room temperature water, allowing for a smoother, sweeter drink. Conventional brewing calls for hot water, which releases the oils and acids that make a traditional brew more bitter than a cold brew.

At Blue Collar Coffee Co., we get our coffee from Ruby Coffee Roasters, based out of Nelsonville, WI. Their Creamery Seasonal Blend is bold and sweet, which makes for the perfect cold brew. So, how do we make it? The brewing process is simple, but the results are incredible.


Add 5 lbs of fresh coarse grounds to a filter bag, which is essentially a giant net with a paper filter, then tie it shut.


Put the filter bag in a jug and add 320 oz. of water to the jug, making sure the grounds are completely covered.


Cover the jug and let the coffee steep for 16-24 hours. The longer the coffee steeps the stronger the brew.


After the 16-24 hours are up, strain the filter bag, then dispose of leftover grounds.


Serve and enjoy.

Cold brew can be made at home in small batches by simply adjusting the ratios. We have done some experimenting and found that you can make a concentrate by cutting the water in half. This helps us store the product, so when we serve it up, we just add in some water to the concentrate and the result is an excellent cup of cold brew.

If you’re looking for an alternative to your regular iced or hot coffee, cold brew will become your new summer drink. It’s less acidic, smoother and even sweeter than conventional coffee, but Blue Collar Coffee Co. makes it right.


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