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It's difficult to produce great coffee if you don't put in some hard work. The relationships we have with our vendors is what we believe sets us apart from your typical coffeehouse. Each vendor was handpicked because of the value they put on offering quality products.


Spirit Tea

Blue Collar Coffee is thrilled to be able to offer Spirit Tea. Spirit is dedicated to sourcing an uncommon selection of handmade teas. "We believe in tea—that a great cup is the result of passion and strong relationships. All of our teas are seasonally curated selections that feature no fruits, flowers, flavorings, or sweeteners. Just the natural beauty of the tea plant." 


Ruby Coffee Roasters

Our espresso and coffee drinks are made from beans roasted by Wisconsin-based Ruby Coffee Roasters. Besides residing in rural Central Wisconsin, what really turned us on to Ruby was their approach to sourcing coffee. Understanding a sustainable supply chain depends on personal connection and Ruby makes it a priority to visit their producers around the world and understand each ones unique and ever-changing challenges.


Sunshine Beverages

Sunshine was created to be a feel good energy drink that would help others be their best. And more importantly, they are a team committed to that cause. From their partners to their customers to each other, they operate with a people-first approach, and share a sense of purpose that is greater than the product.

We love that this energy drink has half the amount of sugar as a normal energy drink. We give it an A+ for organic caffeine!


Wisco Pop!

Organic soda made from the freshest ingredients. Using his kitchen stovetop, whole ginger root and herbs from the garden, founder Austin Ashley crafted the first elixir that would evolve into Wisco Pop!. Austin and his wife Hallie were expecting and he was inspired to create a spicy elixir to bring her comfort and relief during their pregnancy. Flash forward to today and Austin is still making delicious sodas using all-organic ingredients and our taste buds couldn't be happier.

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Juiced! handcrafts each cold-pressed juice in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. Each juice is made with 100% raw fruits and veggies that are sourced locally when possible. You get all the nutrients and all the benefits with none of the nonsense.

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