8 Creative Ways You Can Enjoy a Bag of Ruby - Besides Drinking it

We couldn’t imagine a day without coffee and there are a million different ways to enjoy it. Most of them involve drinking it, but did you know you can do something other than drink (or eat) coffee? Coffee grounds and beans can be used to clean, in your skincare routine and more.

As much as we love to sit back and sip on a good, hot cup of Ruby Roasters coffee, it’s good to know that we can use the leftover grounds instead of throwing them in the trash. We never pass up an opportunity to create less waste and reuse.

Here’s eight ways you can use a bag of Ruby:

1 . Tenderize meat

Use coffee grounds as a rub on beef or pork to tenderize the meat and infuse a smoky flavor. If you want to add flavor to a juicy steak, marinate it in a batch of brewed black coffee for an hour before you grill.

2. Scour your pots and pans

Skip the metal scouring pads and sprinkle some coffee grounds on a rag to scrub away any caked-on grease from your pots and pans. Since coffee makes for a good dye, make sure you don’t use them on ceramic or other dishes that stain easily.

3. Neutralize odors

Coffee grounds work wonders at absorbing odors. Put a small bowl of used coffee grounds wherever you want to get rid of smells, like your refrigerator or freezer. Or make an air freshener with coffee grounds and panty hose. You can even rub coffee grounds on your hands after you chop something pungent, such as garlic or onions, to rid the smell.

4. Exfoliate your skin

The sand-like texture of coffee grounds makes them great for exfoliating your skin. Simply add them to your regular body lotion or make a