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Pay It Forward at Blue Collar Coffee Co.

Blue Collar Coffee Co. is grounded in hard work. Our shops serve coffee with character for hardworking people. We pour our heart and soul into everything we serve so our customers and community know just how much we care. And we give our guests a chance to show how much they care, too, with the Pay it Forward wall inside each Blue Collar Coffee location.

So, what does it mean to “Pay It Forward”? Well, chances are you’ve probably heard this saying before. It’s typically used to encourage acts of kindness without any personal gain. It’s a concept Blue Collar focuses on all year round.


Here’s a list of people you can give back to by buying them their next cup of coffee:

  1. Your best friend - they’ve been there through good cups of coffee and bad.

  2. Teachers - they deserve it!

  3. First responders - Police, firefighters, and paramedics. We appreciate them, and they appreciate a good cup of Joe.

  4. Healthcare workers - Give them a boost before or after their next shift.

  5. Your favorite coworker - they make the workday a whole lot more fun.

  6. Your hairstylist - Or are they magicians? Because they keep working magic.

  7. A new neighbor - Nothing says welcome to the neighborhood like a cup of local brew.

  8. Waste collector - Thank the person who picks up your garbage and recycling.

  9. Your parents or grandparents - A thoughtful gift they can actually use.

  10. A stranger - doing a good deed for an unexpecting stranger is the ultimate way to pay it forward.

Next time you’re in Blue Collar, Fill out a Pay it Forward card, add it to the Pay It Forward wall, and spark a chain reaction of kindness and good vibes.

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