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The New Blue Collar Blend

Have you heard? We have our own Blue Collar blend from Ruby Coffee Roasters. So, you could say we’re kind of a big deal.

Blue Collar Creamery Blend | Ruby Roasters

Blue Collar Creamery Blend | Ruby Roasters

Blue Collar Coffee Co.’s partnership with Ruby dates back to our opening in 2018. We chose to serve their product for simple reasons: We love their coffee and we love their company.

Based in Nelsonville, WI, Ruby sources their high-quality beans from all over the world in a sustainable manner. Each blend is thoughtfully crafted and provides delicious, balanced flavors, but Blue Collar Creamery just might be our favorite. Not that we’re biased or anything.

Our namesake Creamery Seasonal Blend is designed to be easy to drink, easy to brew and make great coffee for everyone to enjoy. It features notes of cherry, caramel, praline and milk chocolate, and the coffee’s main components come from the San Antonio village in Colombia. It’s a little sweet and packs a punch. Just like us.

Dying to have it? Visit your local Blue Collar Coffee Co. in Delafield, WI, Beloit, WI, and Indianapolis. Grab a bag and brew it at home. Blue Collar Creamery is great for drip coffee as well as espresso.

Ruby did a perfect job of showing how great coffee can be when it’s grounded in hard work. Time to try it for yourself.


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