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What are you drinking coffee out of?

Do you have a go-to mug when you make coffee at home? Or maybe your favorite coffee shop has the perfect to-go cups. No matter the situation, there’s a coffee mug to get you through. You could want to enjoy a steaming cup of coffee from the comforts of your couch or you need to take your morning beverage in the car.

Mugs and cups are made from a variety of materials, so we rounded up a few fast facts to help you choose a new mug or travel cup for yourself or a fellow coffee lover.


Why does coffee taste better in a ceramic mug? Ceramic is a neutral material, which means it doesn’t absorb liquid and it doesn’t leak anything into your drink. Ceramic mugs last forever and evenly distribute heat, so your coffee will be at its best. Bonus: you can put it in the dishwasher.


It’s non-porous, easy to clean and recyclable, but a favorite part about glass is that it does not hold flavors from their previous contents, so your coffee will always smell and taste just as it should. Glass is aesthetically pleasing, but fragile, so treat your Cup of Joe with care.


Cups made out of this durable man-made material are BPA free and resistant to stains, scratches and breakage. Melamine mugs retain heat well, are dishwasher safe and come in many different shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for a mug with fun or unique patterns, you’ll find many great options with melamine. Even though it is heat resistant, don’t reheat your coffee in a melamine cup, you could damage them over time.

Stainless steel

Durable and non-porous, stainless steel is mostly used in travel mugs and it’s a perfect option for outdoor use. If you’re a slow drinker or always on the go, a stylish, sleek stainless steel mug is for you. Metal is a great insulator and will keep your hot coffee piping hot or keep the ice in your iced coffee from melting.

One more thing–and we cannot stress this enough: Do not put your stainless steel mug in the microwave. Read it again. Memorize it. And keep your mug out of the microwave.

Paper and Plastic

They’re both lightweight, inexpensive and convenient, and common for disposable to-go cups. Just remember a sleeve for your paper cup when you’re drinking hot coffee. No burnt hands here. Remember, the best tasting coffee is one delivered by a friend, so treat that special someone to a piping hot cup of Ruby and make their day.

All of these are great options to drink from, but ceramic mugs have a special place in our heart.

And if you’re in search of a mug that keeps your hot drinks hot or a tumbler that keeps your iced drinks cold, look no further. Pick up one of Blue Collar Coffee Co.’s signature mugs or our tumbler. They make the perfect gift–just in time for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Round out the gift with a bag of Ruby Roasters beans and a gift card, so they can have delicious coffee at home and so we can do the brewing and wash the dishes when they need a break.


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