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Holiday Gift Guide for the Coffee-Lover

Do you know someone who can’t hold a conversation until they’ve had at least one cup of coffee? If so, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

Just kidding, this isn’t a commercial for a personal injury lawyer. It’s a list of gift ideas for your overly caffeinated friends and family. The holidays are upon us. It’s time to get shopping.


What goes great with a cup of Blue Collar Coffee? Blue Collar merch, of course! From sweatshirts to socks and beanies, we’ve got what you need to spice up your wardrobe. Create your own coffee lover’s gift box filled with a tumbler, bag of coffee, and more for easy gifting!

Drinking vessel

Whether they drink coffee in the car, on the couch or at their desk, your coffee lover will love a Blue Collar Coffee Co. mug and/or travel mug. They may even drink other beverages out of their new mugs. If they drink anything other than coffee, that is.

Mug warmer

There are few things as disappointing as hot coffee that’s gone cold. Save your friend from heartache with a fancy new mug warmer. (Hint: It’s a great accompaniment for their new Blue Collar mug.)

Reusable straws

If you need something that holds up better than a paper straw, metal or silicone straws are nice to use at home or if you grab an iced coffee on the go. They also work well with a Blue Collar travel mug.

Pour over mechanism

You know we love our pour over coffee. The quality is incomparable and results in one well-earned cup of coffee. The coffee lover in your life will love experimenting with their very own pour over coffee maker instead of relying on their drip machine.

Coffee beans

The most important part of drinking coffee is the coffee (duh). We recommend giving your caffeinated friend a bag from Ruby Coffee Roasters. The seasonal Cheers Holiday Blend is now available and perfectly captures all the flavors of a Midwest winter: dried fruits, warm spices and a deep sweetness. Pick up a bag or two at Blue Collar Coffee Co.

Gift Cards

Give the gift of Blue Collar and your friends and family can have delicious coffee drinks made for them whenever they want. For a limited time, when you purchase $50 in gift cards, we’ll give you a $10 gift certificate that you can use on even more coffee if you want.


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